MAM - The Fund Manager's Trading Tool
Multi-Account Management System is a system for the management of multiple account that is customized for professional fund managers. With one simple and practical interface, the fund managers could manage the trading configuration of multiple accounts simultaneously.

MAM account is equivalent to a master account, and there would be several sub-accounts under it. These accounts are independent with each other, and their relationship is similar to copy-trading. Investors just need to input the total lot size, and the system will automatically execute the trading according to the assignment method selected by investors. In such cases, the system will automatically assign the lot size to different individual investors. Account managers could trade for several investors in a convenient, rapid, efficient and accurate manner through one single trading account.

Customized for professional fund managers

Simultaneous management of multiple trading accounts

The system is for management of multiple accounts. Provides a convenient and easy-to-use management platform, the advanced features of a multi-account management system, combined with convenient configurability, flexible performance management to achieve more powerful customized trading solutions, and the ability to create unlimited trading strategies using a variety of allocation methods, and Enable copy trading to generate additional profits.