Index Trading

In InterStellar, you may trade for the most popular CFDs for spot and futures index.
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Product Declare: Due to product spread is unstable before the closing on Friday, InterStellar will adopt the 'close only' transaction mode to avoid unnecessary losses for clients (which means, only close position is available, open position is not allowed 20 minutes before market closing on Friday) Please check product specifications of precious metals, oil, stock, index and related future products before closing on Saturday.
What is index?
InterStellar allows you to trade the world’s most concerned index in one single account. Compared to traders who trade stocks of single company, index trading is more suitable for traders who intend to trade in extensive and segmented markets.

An index refers to a portfolio of stocks representing a certain industry or market field. For example, the FTSE 100 index is the stock index of the top 100 companies with the highest market value listed on the London Stock Exchange. Generally, investors will evaluate the market performance of a day through the ascending or descending of the index.

Represent an industry or field

Evaluate the market performance

Trade in more extensive and segmented markets

Accept the participation of all traders

Why choose InterStellar for index trading?

Trade in stocks in multiple large-cap categories simultaneously.

Index trading can simultaneously trade in the stocks of multiple well-known enterprises in the stock market, instead of the selection of some individual stocks in the market.

Benefit from low price

InterStellar offers competitive pricing. This feature enables you to take advantage of more opportunities in the index market.

Trading with leverage

The application of leverage in trading indicates that you could participate in trading without investing all your funds. Therefore, traders have more opportunities to increase the position size and enlarge the potential gains and losses.

Flexible and advanced trading tools

Traders could use our professional on-line trading platform to engage in index trading on various devices at any time and any place.

More advantages in index trading on InterStellar

Guaranteed Stop

With our guaranteed stop loss orders, you could protect your index trading from influences of major market fluctuations.

Advanced Orders

With advanced orders, you may set multiple profit targets or adjust the stop loss setting to reach the break even point.

Partial Position Closing

You may close certain proportions of your index positions to guaranteed the investment performance, while retain the remaining part to withstand the market fluctuations.

No need to hold any stocks

You may establish positions on index without holding the stocks of any enterprise.