What is the PAMM plan?

PAMM plan is an investment tool. With this tool, anyone will have the opportunity to invest without personal trading in the trading market.

PAMM plan allows investors to invest their funds to experienced PAMM fund managers, and engage fund managers to conduct market trading on behalf of them.

We provide comprehensive trading protection for fund managers

Maximized account control and automatic procedure

Higher flexibility in investment

Do you want to be a fund manager?
To become a PAMM fund manager, you need to open an account for fund manager first, and deposit in your fund manager account opened. Such fund is named as the principle of fund manager.

PAMM fund manager would firstly apply his own principle and funds of investment customers to participate in the market trading. In brief, all profits and losses arising from trading with any fund manager account will be distributed or shared among all customers participating in the investment and the fund manager according to their fund participation proportions.

Advanced Analysis

High Level Safety in Trading

Automatic Management

Easy Control

What are the advantages for being a fund manager?

Do you want to be a fund manager?


Register Procedure

What is the procedure for the PAMM registration? Is there any threshold?

You just need to provide your telephone number, e-mail address and other basic information and your identity certificate to complete the registration. You need to have three or more sub-accounts under your name. You may consult with the account manager or customer service staff for specific information about fund demands.


Does PAMM has copy-trading function?

PAMM does not have any copy-trading function. Under PAMM, the user of the master account operates the transactions, and sub-accounts could not conduct transactions independently.

How to distribute the profits and losses from PAMM?

The profits and losses are distributed according to the fund participation proportions of the master account and sub-accounts.