CFDs for energy trading

With InterStellar, you may invest in the most active CFDs for spot energy trading like Brent Crude, WTI and natural gas, and further diversify your investment portfolios…
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What are CFDs for energy?
The most typical feature of energy price is the high volatility, which is the influencing result of political and environmental factors. Many supply and demand factors would also influence the energy price. Among them, global economic changes is the most significant influencing factor to the energy price. Energy demands will increase when the economy is booming, and the energy consumption will decline when the economy is depressed.

In addition to economic changes, disastrous weather conditions may also have significant impact on energy, which may result in collapse of the supply in crude oil, natural gas or petroleum. Therefore, these conditions may increase or decrease the demands for customer services relating to these energies. Besides, a few largest natural gas field in the world, are located in the political unstable region, so global energy prices are largely affected by political factors.

One of the oldest forms of trading

Critical to global economy

Deeply influenced by global events

Accept the participation of all traders

Why choose InterStellar for CFDs for energy trading?

Trade different products through one single account

You may use one account to trade in diversified energy markets, including Brent Crude, WTI and natural gas.

Take full advantage of the most volatile market

The market of CFDs for energy is one of the most volatile markets for traders. Among them, the oil market is particularly active.

Trading with leverage

The application of leverage in trading indicates that you could participate in trading without investing all your funds. Therefore, traders have more opportunities to increase the position size and enlarge the potential gains and losses.

Flexible and advanced trading tools

Traders could use trading tools to engage in CFDs for energy on various devices at any time and any place.

More advantages in CFDs for energy trading on InterStellar

Guaranteed Stop

With our guaranteed stop loss orders, you could protect your CFDs for energy trading from influences of major market fluctuations.

Advanced Orders

With advanced orders, you may set multiple profit targets or adjust the stop loss setting to reach the break even point.

Partial Position Closing

You may close certain proportions of your positions in CFDs for energy to guarantee the investment performance, while retain the remaining part to withstand the market fluctuations.

No need to own any physical energy

By trading in CFDs for energy, you could completely eliminate the difficulty in the delivery of physical products.